Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ford Maverick

I saw this for sale on Sunday afternoon and here it is Monday on my way to work and it was already Sold....Why do the good ones always get away from me....

When I was in High School we would sit in front of the High School at night and play the game of "My Car - Your Car".

Bonus Points were given for certain cars:  GREMLINS, AMC PACERS, and SUPER BONUS POINTS for MAVERICKS!

This would have have SUPER DOUBLE BONUS POINTS in its day!!!


Friday, August 27, 2010

Timing is Everything!!!

I bought a new house 2 years ago today....I just received the notice from the County Tax Assessor telling me that my home is now worth $20,000 less 2 years later.  I was so hoping to put in a pool this summer with all the equity that we would have by now.   The house across the street is for sale and I could have bought the same house that I am in for $40,000 less....I do love my house, and at least mine doesn't have "human excrement" inside the drywall that previous owners left there....You have got to love "Foreclosure Squatters".