Monday, November 18, 2013

California Smog Check is a Bigger Scam than California Lottery Funds going to Education!!!

I purchased a vehicle last year and in the State of California, you must smog a vehicle on the change of title.  It's the law, No Problem and I had the vehicle smogged and it passed.

Fast forward one year and I receive my Registration in the mail and the I have the NOTICE that I must SMOG the Vehicle in order to Register.  Now wait a minute your thinking, vehicles in California only have to be smogged every 2 years.  The 2 YEARS is not dependent on your purchase date, it is based on the EVEN or ODD number of your Vehicle Identification Number.  Guess what, mine is due this year.

I noticed 2 weeks ago that the check engine light had come on, and I chalked it up to my son not putting the gas cap on tight enough when he went to get gas.

I had my mechanic friend check it with his code reader and the code said the gas cap had gone bad.  My mechanic friend reset the warning light and I picked up a new gas cap at the local parts store, and I assumed I was good to go.  The day before I was to have the car smogged, the light came back on again.  I went back to my mechanic friend and his code reader stated that the cap was still the culprit.  He explained that some of the aftermarket gas caps just don't work right and I would be better off getting a Factory Issued Gas Cap....So at more than Double the price of the aftermarket gas cap, I have an new factory gas cap.

I drive my car to the California Approved Smog Check Station, and they begin running the test.  15 minutes later the technician tells me that my car is ready.  I go up to the counter to pay and he tells me that the vehicle DID NOT PASS.  I am charged $41.95 and I am handed the below form and told that the computer in the vehicle doesn't have enough saved information since the reset of the Check Engine Light and that I will need to drive it around until the computer in the car has enough information to run the test. 

The technician tells me that it needs to go at least 30 miles at least 55 inorder to have enough information to run the test.  ISN'T THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF THE SMOG CHECK TO REDUCE THE EMISSIONS IN THE AIR OVER CALIFORIA!!!!

There is NO CHARGE for him to check to see if the computer is ready, but my RETEST will cost me $30!!!

So, I hope in the car and I drive to Fresno and back from my home in Visalia(80 Miles round trip).....I head back to the technician and he once again informs me that car is STILL NOT READY....And, that some customers have had to drive as much as 300 MILES for the system to be ready!!!! 

300 MORE MILES of California Pollution filling the Sky over the Central Valley.....Thank Jerry Brown!!!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Last Rays of Summer

This is my cat Sasha, or Sascha as my wife likes to call her, enjoying the last days of summer in the valley before the fog settles in for the winter.  She was so content in the Sun, that not even the stupid Camera on my LG Optimus S was enough to wake her.  I did a search as to why they have a shutter sound on the camera that you are not able to disable and my google search informed me that it is a deterrent for individuals taking pictures of people that don't want their picture taken....Bathroom Prevs I Guess!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ford Maverick

I saw this for sale on Sunday afternoon and here it is Monday on my way to work and it was already Sold....Why do the good ones always get away from me....

When I was in High School we would sit in front of the High School at night and play the game of "My Car - Your Car".

Bonus Points were given for certain cars:  GREMLINS, AMC PACERS, and SUPER BONUS POINTS for MAVERICKS!

This would have have SUPER DOUBLE BONUS POINTS in its day!!!


Friday, August 27, 2010

Timing is Everything!!!

I bought a new house 2 years ago today....I just received the notice from the County Tax Assessor telling me that my home is now worth $20,000 less 2 years later.  I was so hoping to put in a pool this summer with all the equity that we would have by now.   The house across the street is for sale and I could have bought the same house that I am in for $40,000 less....I do love my house, and at least mine doesn't have "human excrement" inside the drywall that previous owners left there....You have got to love "Foreclosure Squatters".